beulah….. our home, our sanctuary


Beulah … our home, our sanctuary, our place of respite….. The name Beulah is taken from the Bible and means married to The Lord, land of permanent-bearing fruit!  Everyone who enters and spends any time at all here feels the Holy Spirit all over the place, feels blessed to be at Beulah and don’t seem to ever want to leave.  We feel blessed to have Beulah, which we believe is on loan to us from The Lord, and we feel even more blessed to be able to share it with those who visit us.  We pray that the Peace that is found on Beulah spreads through out our community, that our neighbors and their neighbors feel the peace and the calm that encompasses Beulah….. so that more and more may be given the opportunity to live in the Blessing that we believe we’ve been given here at Beulah Ranch.   Peace.

Revelling In Peace, Joy, & Happiness … fun is where you are, & where you find it!


As we all reflect on life, we can find Joy and Happiness in most everything we do…. we just have to want it, first and foremost.  We can find it in the simplest of things….we only need to reach out and receive it!!!  From the smallest of things, like water on balloons to the people with which we share life’s moments, it’s everywhere we are, everywhere we look.  We are grateful for the smallest of things!!!  We are extremely grateful for all of God’s blessings…… how about you?  What are you grateful for today????


Reach Out, Rejoice in sharing


As we look at our lives, and all the blessings we have, from a loving relationship our spouse, our children and grandchildren, to a great home, a satisfying job…..the question to continually refocus upon is “what’s really important in Life?” If our days here were over, would we really spend today doing all the things on our to-do list?  For us, what’s most important is always time spent with family, loved ones, especially with those we love the most.  As we reach out and touch loved ones today, we hope that you also reach out to a loved one and share some special moments, some joy.  So, Who will you reach out to today?

Really – What do you say when God shows up?

As we Live A Repurposed Life, we have God as our central focus.  We attempt to pray about everything we do, or plan to do, to get direction and guidance from the Holy Spirit.  So, a question for today…..As you pray throughout the day, going about your normal routines, what would you say if God showed up, physically by your side? Probably would be a major wow!  Probably be THE major wow.  Would you believe, thanking Him for answering your prayers, or would you doubt?  Would you accept fully and completely, or be in shock that He actually came to see you, saying Oh My God?  Or would you just feel blessed and highly favored, saying Oh My, Thank You God, Thank You God?  Bridgette and I have never had that physical experience, with God showing up at our side.  But, we do believe he’s always there for us, always guiding and protecting us, always trying to show us His way.  We can feel His holy spirit around us, sometimes filling the room we’re in so fully that it brings tears to our eyes.  When in His Word, we know He’s speaking to us, through us, communicating as best He can His will for us.  So, as His voice is often not totally clear and direct, we ask each of you to open your hearts, to hear Him, to receive Him, to feel His love.   And, seen or unseen, we hope that you will say “Oh my God, my holy father, my redeemer, I love you and am so grateful for you”.  REJOICING in the Holy Spirit.                                                                    What do you think you’ll say when God shows up?

rejuvenation with family!

IMG_0817In the daily hustle and bustle of life, you often think that you are too busy with work, job and family to take off for a brief respite.  You’re not alone, most Americans think this way….even us.  So, as our California and Hawaii trip approached, we were saying we have too much going on.  We need to postpone.  We need a few extra days to keep on keeping on. Well, thanks be to God, we didn’t postpone.  We didn’t reschedule.  We went, as planned and as scheduled.  And, we are ever so grateful that we did!  Just seeing family, being with children and grandchildren, sharing in their daily lives….there’s nothing else like it!   Sharing in children’s passions, whether it be granddaughter Lucia’s passion for soccer or granddaughter Makena’s love for swimming, or daughter Kehmay’s love of Kauai outdoor life, or our son Heath’s passion for wine and winemaking in Napa….. it all renourishes and replenishes.  We have been so refreshed, revitalized and had our souls restored to a greater sense of wellbeing!  A greater sense of peace.  Hallelujah!

As we leave Kauai, heading back to Napa, the small things that seemed to be major irritants and consternations in our lives, don’t seem to be as important any more.  The major issues before us seem clearer, much more redefined.  Our path has been refocused and our priorities have been restrengthened, providing us with a greater sense of being!

So, when did you last take time for you and your spouse, to recenter yourselves?…. Taking time for you and your spouse to do some self-care, to do some rebonding….. to seek a greater sense of being.  We’d suggest now is as good as time as any!  Go for it!!!  (one way you can help yourselves, like we did, is to make your tickets / reservations non-refundable!!)

Aloha!  Please enjoy the following pictures from California and Hawaii!!  Mahalo!